A+ Program

 Missouri's Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 established provisions for the implementation of a grant award program to institute A+ Schools and improve the education of high school students within the State of Missouri. Beginning in 1994, the A+ Schools Program has provided grant awards to Missouri's public school districts that demonstrate a commitment to ensure that the Program's goals are met in their high schools. Grants are available and applications are being accepted by Louisiana R-II School District.

The goals are that all students:

1. Graduate from high school.
2. Complete a selection of high school classes that is challenging and for which there are identified learner expectations.
3. Proceed from high school to a college, technical college, or a high wage job with workplace skill development opportunities.

High schools that apply for the A+ status must outline a plan that includes innovative activities to make progress toward achieving these three goals. Activities include: building partnerships that include the high school, post-secondary school, businesses, industries, community organizations, parents, and students; providing students with the motivation, skills, and knowledge to graduate from high school; integrating academic and vocational learning; and preparing students to select a career path focus and a program of study designed to meet academic standards established by the local school district. 

The Louisiana R-II School District received A+ Schools designation April 2012 and each succeeding year may be eligible to participate in the A+ Schools Financial Incentive Program. The funding for the financial incentives is dependent upon Louisiana High School maintaining its A+ Schools status and the availability of state appropriations from the Missouri General Assembly.
Emily Calvin, 
A+ Coordinator

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